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Gaia's playful soul in a fun playful font.

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“We already live in a Perfect Universe, but It needs to be seen mentally before It can become a part of our experience.”

Ernest Holmes

Welcome to Gaia’s Playful Soul. Our desire is to enrich and comfort your day.

Gaia’s Playful Soul (GPS) was created through the many requests to share my photos taken throughout the years with my Samsung, Google Pixel, HTC, and LG camera phones.

I’ve added the GPS coordinates to the photos. You can find the location of where the photo was taken by clicking on the GPS coordinates or entering the GPS information into Google Maps.

The greeting cards have a QR code that links to the location of where the photo was taken.

Shawnee lake 
Split Rock 9863 ft
Grateful title
Ernest Holmes
39.420607, -105.553622
view from my driveway

39.420607, -105.553622

Abundance, Awareness, awe struck, brave, amen, daybreak, discovery, end of the line, grateful, happy, hydrous, immersion, in the flow, ludicrous, mystical, passion, potential, purity, remarkable, road trip, royal, serene, solitude, starstruck, sublime, symbiotic, timeless, water’s edge, whimsical card, cards, gaia, gaia’s, soul, playful,